Fishing Photography Service
Bluewater Images offers customized Fishing Photography Services. Whether you are a resort owner or an individual fisherman, BWI can accommodate your photographic needs. For individuals, private bookings are available on your sportfishing boat. For resorts, a program which increases bookings and benefits the Guests at the same time is available.

Contact Tim to find out how to enhance your resort business.

Underwater Lure Photography
ATTENTION ALL LURE MANUFACTURERS- Want to make your products more noticeable to consumers? Contact Tim to take underwater action shots of your products. This unique and exciting angle gives the public a fish-eye view of your product. This perspective will not only make your products more noticeable but will make your brochures, catalogs, and ads more attractive. All of the underwater images in GARY YAMAMOTO’S CUSTOM BAITS catalog(2003), except the cover, were taken by Tim. These images are available as prints. Contact Us to order Today.
(Gary Yamamoto’s website-

Freshwater Gallery
TIM has spent the last 25 years crossing the country to capture underwater images of large mouth and small mouth bass in their natural environment. These are not “tank” or aquarium shots. Tim enjoys the challenge of working with them in their natural habitat because every fish is different. In fact, Tim has learned how to get bass to strike lures more than once, while he is underwater next to them with his camera. “This is possible with the help of a new fish attractant called MEGA-STRIKE. They will pick up my bait many times, and don’t want to let go.”

Saltwater Action Gallery
You will find a wide variety of species in this gallery. Offshore pelagics to inshore gamefish, from the Atlantic and Pacific can be found here, both above and underwater. Rare underwater images of billfish and other pelagics can be seen chasing down lures and live bait.

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