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Thank you for visiting Bluewater Images. Here you will find access to many diverse stock images connected to the sport fishing industry and marine environment. You will also be able to visit Bluewater Inshore Guide Service Photo Gallery. Click here to contact Bluewater Inshore Guide Service.

Background information on photographer Tim Simos:
Mr. Simos was born, raised and educated in the Northeastern United States. He has studied natural and marine sciences in high school and college and earned a B.S. degree from Richard Stockton University, New Jersey.

As a teenager, Tim was fascinated by what makes largemouth and smallmouth bass “tick”. This prompted him to become SCUBA certified and enter the aquatic environment to explore the beautiful world of underwater photography. Tim’s thirst for knowledge of animal and fish behavior eventually lead him to focus on the expansive marine environment. While making a living in the home improvement and taxidermy fields, he spent as much time as possible working at fishing lodges world-wide and fishing the Indian River Lagoon out of Fort Pierce, Florida.

With about three decades of photo/SCUBA experience, Tim prefers skin-diving whenever possible.
His extensive knowledge of animal and fish behavior assists him in capturing images of wary subjects. One look at his unique underwater lure gallery and you’ll wonder how they were captured.

Tim is located in Florida to further persue his career as a Fishing Photographer and Fishing Guide on the Indian River Lagoon and Inshore waters.

Please visit all of the photo galleries to see a sampling of stock images. More photos are captured on a weekly basis. So contact Tim at iliv4fish@aol.com if you don’t see what you are looking for, or if you have a special request.


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